What are your motorcycle safety inspection hours?
Tuesdays thru Saturdays 9:00am-10:00am

Do you perform MOPED inspections?
No, sorry. We decided this in the interest of keeping things efficient for our small shop and so that we can continue to prioritize our motorcycle riders. Please consult this listing. Shops in red perform moped safety inspections. Shops in black do not perform moped inspections.

Can I bring my bike on a truck bed and will you help me get it off the truck bed?
No, sorry. If you are unable to ride your bike to your safety check appointment, we highly recommend that you hire a professional tow company to help you transport and unload/load your bike. Due to liability concerns, our mechanic cannot assist you in unloading or loading your bike off/onto your truck bed. If you choose not to enlist the services of a professional tow company, please ensure that you are able to safely unload your bike yourself. Due to liability concerns, our mechanic cannot assist you with this task. If you show up anyway with your bike on a truck bed and cannot unload/load your bike safely, we will not be able to perform your safety inspection.

Do you have walk-in appointments available?
No, sorry. All safety checks are done by appointment only. Our shop is a family-run one-man shop. During the hours that we are open, our mechanic is completing motorcycle jobs. To keep things efficient for the mechanic and shop and especially for all of you, our customers, we need to keep specific times that our mechanic can perform safety checks

Do you do same-day appointments?
No, sorry. We ask that you schedule your appointment in advance because our mechanic plans his workload a week prior in order to stay efficient and stay in business.

Can I show up really early or really late for my safety inspection?
No, come at your scheduled time. Showing up too early is the same as showing up late. When our mechanic is not doing safety checks, he's working on customer jobs which require his full attention, and he won't be able to stop and accommodate you. We ask that you show up at your scheduled time, no earlier, no later.

How do I schedule my safety inspection appointment?
We do online booking for safety check appointments. Please click on the button below to book your appointment.

What do I need to bring with me for a motorcycle safety inspection?
1. Your motorcycle (People actually ask this)
2. Your registration documents (If you just shipped your bike, please bring your out-of-state documents)
3. A physical copy of your current Hawai’i motorcycle insurance card (According to the rules, if your insurance card dates are not valid, if it’s not a Hawai’i insurance company, or if it’s a temporary card, sorry, but we cannot complete your safety check. You’ll have to reschedule and come back another time. Please double check the dates on your card before coming down, too many people come to our shop and find out that they don’t have this ready and this wastes your time and ours.)

My registration is expired or out of state, so how do I get a safety inspection?
If your motorcycle registration is expired, or if you just shipped your bike over from another state, you can still get a safety inspection with us. Just book your appointment online, and when you come to the appointment, bring your expired or out-of-state registration. Our mechanic will perform the safety inspection but fail your bike on registration document. As long as your bike passes the rest of the safety inspection, he will give you the failed safety inspection form, and you take it to the Satellite City Hall to get your new registration. Then, you must make another appointment with us online, bring your new registration, and our mechanic will correct the failed registration and you’ll have your passed safety inspection.

My registration failed, and I did not obtain the new registration within 30 days, do I have to pay the full fee and re-do the safety inspection?
Yes. When our mechanic gives you the failed safety inspection form, you must take it to the Satellite City Hall within 30 days to get the new registration. If you fail to go to Satellite City Hall and get your new registration within this time frame, you will have to schedule another safety inspection and pay the full fee again. Sorry, we don't make the rules. Each safety inspection takes a chunk out of our mechanic's day, so doing it for free is not an option for you or for us.

My bike is from out of state, or I customized my motorcycle, will it pass inspection?
Please read below about the exact state requirements for turn signals, all lights, and reflectors. If your bike does not meet these requirements, your bike won’t pass inspection. Please don’t ask us to let you slide, because we could lose our license if we did that. We don’t make the laws. We provide safety inspections as a service to all our customers.


According to Hawai’i state and county laws, the following are required equipment on motorcycles:

1. Headlamps
On the front on the vertical centerline, except that if two are used they shall be symmetrically disposed about the vertical centerline

2. Tail lamps
On the rear on the vertical centerline, except that if two are used, they shall be symmetrically disposed about the vertical centerline

3. Stop lamps
On the rear on the vertical centerline, except that if two are used, they shall be symmetrically disposed about the vertical centerline

4. License plate lamp
At rear license plate

5. Reflex reflectors
On the rear, 1 red on the vertical centerline, except that if two are used on the rear, they shall be symmetrically disposed about the vertical centerline. On each side 1 red as far to the rear as practicable, and 1 amber as far to the front as practicable

6. Turn signal lamps
At or near the front, 1 amber on each side of the vertical centerline at the same height, and having a minimum horizontal separation distance (centerline of lamps) of 16 inches. Minimum edge to edge separation distance bewteen lamp and headlamp is 4 inches. At or near the rear, 1 red or amber on each side of the vertical centerline, at the same height and having a minimum horizontal separation distance (centerline to centerline of lamps) of 9 inches. Minimum edge to edge separation distance between lamp and tail or stop lamp and tail is 4 inches, when a single stop and tail lamp is installed on the vertical centerline and the turn signal lamps are red.

-All lighting equipment and reflectors must be SAE or DOT approved
-Brake lamp lens combined luminous surface of 4 square inches
-Turn signal lens luminous surface of 3.5 square inches
-Exhaust mufflers
-DOT approved tires
-Speedometer and odometer
-Horn, audible at 200 feet
-High beam indicator (blue)


BEFORE BOOKING A SAFETY CHECK APPOINTMENT, read the above regulations and our FAQ. If you do not read the information and show up with illegal components on your bike, your motorcycle will fail the safety inspection and you will be charged the full safety inspection fee. You will need to correct all of the items before you reschedule a new appointment and can receive a passed safety inspection.

*KICK ONLY Motorcycles does not perform moped safety inspections.


We’ve provided the following photos as examples of what the required safety equipment could look like on your bike. Everyone’s bike is different so we’ve tried to include a few examples in each section. If you have questions, refer back to the list of safety inspection regulations per the City and County of Honolulu above, or email or call us. Remember, the license plate should be at the back of the bike, and all lights and reflectors must be DOT or SAE approved. If you are changing out your stock safety equipment and buying new ones on your own, make sure what you purchase is in alignment with the above regulations. It will save you time and money.






Here are some photos of a factory custom 2008 Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle Dyna. This is a good example of a bike that has the appropriate safety components that are streamlined with the bike, giving it a custom aesthetic, yet the bike is entirely legal.