What happens if I leave my bike for an extended period of time after I have been informed that the job is completed?
If you don’t pick up your bike within a reasonable, agreed-upon length of time after you’ve been informed that the job is completed, you will be assessed a shop storage fee of $100 per week. We are a small shop and our space is limited; if your bike is left here, that means a new job can’t come in. Please pick up your bike in a timely manner.

Do you do insurance estimates or insurance jobs?
Very rarely. In the event that our mechanic does agree to do your insurance estimate or do your insurance job, we will ask you to submit both 1) a deposit and 2) a signed agreement that stipulates that if you decide NOT to do the job with our shop and just keep the insurance check after our mechanic has completed your insurance estimate, you agree to pay a flat rate fee of $500 for his (and any of our parts vendors') time spent to look up parts and provide the estimate for you.

Can I bring in my own parts that I purchased elsewhere or online?
No, sorry. We prefer ordering your parts for you as opposed to you ordering on your own and bringing the parts in for us to install. In many cases, after market parts aren't always compatible with your bike (even if the company insists they are), and it's advisable to have your mechanic make sure that everything will fit. There have been many instances where customers bring in their own parts but because of a miscalculation along the line, the wrong size or part was ordered. This is a huge time waster for our mechanic, and for you, and costs you and us time and money. If you do insist on bringing your own parts, we will ask that you sign an agreement that if any of the parts you ordered do not fit and our mechanic has to make accommodations (such as cutting, welding, making a new bracket, etc.) or ordering new parts, you will be responsible for the extra time and extra parts and extra labor charges that it takes for our mechanic to accommodate the fitment of the part, order new parts, or re-do the job again.

Do you re-line gas tanks?
No, sorry. Unfortunately we are unable to do this in shop, and there aren't any shops that we can outsource this work to, either. If your gas tank lining is falling apart, it can cause debris to contaminate your fuel system, and relining it doesn't always solve the problem. For these reasons, we have found that the best option is to install a new gas tank.

Do you do same-day appointments?
No, sorry. We ask that you schedule your appointment in advance because our mechanic plans his workload a week prior in order to stay efficient and stay in business.