Reasons why you should wear protective gear while riding your motorcycle in Hawai'i, even though Hawai'i state law does not require you to:

1. You value your life, health, and safety.
2. You love your family, your children, your dog.
3. You can be a rugged old rider when you’re 90
4. Finally, you may be an excellent rider, but there are far too many drivers (of cars) out on the road whose negligence you do not have control over

Nikola and KICK ONLY Motorcycles encourages all motorcycle riders, especially our customers, friends, and family–whether you ride cruisers, choppers, or streetbikes–to wear protective safety gear: a DOT helmet, a protective jacket, and appropriate footwear. The safety gear that you wear can mean the difference between walking away with a couple of scratches, or severe injuries.

We also encourage all motorcycle riders to not drink and drive. An increased population means more cars and traffic on the roads–even the back roads. Motorcycle safety is important for your well-being–this means being as clear-minded as possible while riding. Substances like alcohol, drugs, even prescription drugs, can impair one’s ability to see, hear, or react quickly should the need arise.

Finally, before you set out to ride, you should conduct a check on your motorcycle every single time. Things you should check on include the tires, fluids, headlight and taillight, turn signals, clutch and throttle, mirrors, brakes, horn, and nuts and bolts. In addition to checking your bike before each ride, you want to be aware of the condition of the major components on your bike—this is part of your responsibilities and safety as a good rider.

Value your life, health, and safety. Wear protective riding gear. Be as clear-minded as possible when riding. Stay on top of the maintenance of your bike and ensure its good working condition. You are not only protecting yourself, you are protecting those around you as well as your loved ones, and especially, setting a good example for our youth.

with aloha,
KICK ONLY Motorcycles